Burberry's Top 7 Leather Strap Trending Watches

Burberry's Top 7 Leather Strap Trending Watches - WATCH & WATCH

Burberry's leather strap watches epitomize the unification of timeless elegance with a touch of modernity. Burberry watches are timekeepers— and more than that. These accessories function as a statement with the same meticulous craftsmanship & iconic design. Here are the 7 trending Burberry leather strap watches available at out store.

1. Burberry BU9906 City Black Leather Strap Men's Watches

This beautiful watch is a combination of classic design and modern appeal, like Burberry BU9906 City Black Leather Strap Men's Watch. The black leather strap is sophisticatedly rustic and a suitable piece to pair with at any occasion. It comes with a black iconic Burberry check pattern dial enclosed in stainless steel casing, and stays true to the overall reliability of quartz movement it boasts. Whether you have a conference meeting to dress up for or just feeling casual.


2. Burberry BU9509 20mm Pioneer Gold Dial Gold Ion-plated Ladies Watch

The Burberry BU9509 Pioneer Gold Dial Gold Ion-plated Ladies Watch is an incredibly beautiful watch that anyone who enjoys luxury and sophistication should have. A gold ion-plated case matches nicely with the yellow dial and 20mm black leather strap for a refined presentation. This watch is the perfect touch of glam for any ordinary outfit. Clearly a striking piece, its minimal design with luxurious materials make it stand out.


3. Burberry BU9364 The City Chronograph Mens Watch

The Burberry BU9364 The City Chronograph Men's Watch is an awesome combination of a functional and style. This watch has a black leather strap and is fitted in a stainless-steel case with chronograph functionally ideal for today's modern man. The dial features Burberry's signature logo and check pattern in intricate detail, bringing an element of heritage to this design. From workday to night out, the BU9364 is a versatile and fabulous choice.


4. Burberry BU9040 The City Rose Gold Tone Women Watch

Burberry BU9040 The burberry watches womens City Rose Gold Tone Women's Watch is one of those models which reflect a classic attitude with just little hints of luxury. The rose gold-tone case is a perfect compliment to the white dial and black leather strap. This is an ideal watch for women that enjoy a hint of simplicity with progressive design. And, onto my wrist slipped the BU9040 a timepiece that is as much an accessory with professional attire as it is finished evening wear.


5. Burberry BU9017 Ladies Watch The City Check Champagne

Burberry BU9017 Ladies Watch The City Check ChampagneThis next design from Burberry celebrates the company's iconic check pattern. The champagne dial incorporates the iconic Burberry check and combines perfectly with the gold tone case a beige leather strap. If you are someone looking to add a piece of Burberry history into your closet, then this watch is it. A classic timepiece such as the BU9017 that is able to easily complete your style effortlessly.


6. Burberry BU10010 Instant Mens Watch Editorial2

It is a nice, staid creation that forms an excellent entry into the world of Burberry watches with some modern elements to traditional design. Complete with a round dial finished in the Burberry check design across this white background, it is framed by black leather and stainless steel case. Mens watches suited to finer tastes in the masculine realm of timepieces The BU10010 is the perfect accessory for day-to-night wear.


7. Burberry BU10000 Best Traditional Round Beige Dial Black Leather 

The Burberry BU10000 Classic Round Beige Dial Black Leather Men's Watch: Created with sophistication in mind, has a daintier case at just 32mm. The beige-coloured dial works perfectly with the black leather strap and stainless steel case, to present a classic design. This watch suits men who seek a low-key elegance and quality. The BU10000 is a wardrobe staple that can class up any fit which makes it an essential piece in your watch collection.



Leather strap watches too from Burberry are not just timepieces but an integration of the heritage and modern style offered by the brand. The top 7 trending Burberry watches above all represent some of the best when it comes to quality, craftsmanship and most importantly style. For those of you in the market for an everyday or a dress watch, these Burberry leather strap watches got something to please everyone. Visit Watch & Watch and view the Burberry watch collection that was designed to suit your style.